Time to Renew Your Membership for the 2016-2017 Season

ChevronCyclingClubApplication2017For all riders interested in cycling in the Houston area and who wish to participate in the 2017 training rides and other cycling events  as part of Team Chevron Cycling, it is time to join (or renew!) your membership. Team Chevron Cycling is open to employees, annuitants, family members, and full-time contractors of Chevron and Chevron-owned companies. Friends of employees, annuitants, family members, and full-time contractors of Chevron and Chevron-owned companies may also request membership by email to Alicia at dobelar@chevron.com (please include with the request the name of the employee, annuitant, or full-time contractor of Chevron who is sponsoring the friend).

Please note that for anyone riding in the 2017 training series as part of Team Chevron there are two requirements:

1) Register with Team Chevron Cycling by completing a membership application and paying membership dues of $30 (note this registration will be valid until December 31, 2017). If you are a current Chevron employee or contractor, please indicate the operating company and work location at the bottom of the form. Please send completed application forms with payment to:

Via Chevron Company Mail:
Alicia Dobelmann Church

Via US Mail:
Alicia Dobelmann Church
c/o Chevron
4800 Fournace PL., Room E1024A
Bellaire, Texas 77401-2324

Here is the link to the membership form: ChevronCyclingClubApplication2017

Checks can be made out to CVX Cycling.

2) Take Group Riding Skills Safety Training and re-take it at least every 3 years. Group Riding Skills Safety Training classes can be found via this link when offered: www.trafficcycling.com/grs.

2016 Energy Riders Training Series

To participate in the 2016 Energy Rider Training Series, you must be a member in good standing with Team Chevron Cycling – with the 2015-2015 dues paid with your membership waiver form signed and turned in to Alicia Dobelmann-Church, and have completed Group Riding Skills bike safety training within the last 3 years.   Please refer to the following link for all current training ride information.


Houston Tour De Cure – 2015

Have you set a fitness goal or volunteer goal for yourself this year?

Let Houston Tour de Cure be your cause. It’s a family oriented event for all levels of cycling enthusiasts. Most importantly you’ll be helping stop the growing Diabetes Crisis. Join us for an inspiring, memorable event while making a difference in our community and in lives of those affected by Diabetes.

The official Houston Tour de Cure is on Saturday, September 26, 2015. To register with Team Chevron Cycling, please visit http://www.houstontourdecure.com .

This is not a Chevron sponsored event. This is coworkers having fun in a common goal to give back to the community.

2013 MS150

Registration for the 2013 MS150 is open.  In the past, Chevron had provided a significant amount of funding for the campsite/tent/facilities/etc at the MS150.  Chevron has decided to redirect its community outreach support toward volunteer activities to be more in line with the “Humankind” campaign, and going forward will provide no direct support to the Cycling Team beyond the Humankind program (Matching Gift program and Gift for Good program).  Without this support, we have decided to not participate as Team Chevron in the MS150 as we have in years past, and will not be fielding an official team for the MS150.  We expect many of our team members will still participate in the MS150, though with other teams that are open to others.  While we are sad not to be taking a direct part in the MS150 this year as Team Chevron Cycling, we still plan a full offering of support as a cycling team and hope to have everyone continue to participate in the great sport of cycling.